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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I used to hate on kpop, well yeah like give crappy reasons on why should you not listen to it and it was until like last year that i realised i'm also sucked into the kpop maddness. Well at least i still listen to english music but not often cuz what i feel is that its getting shitty and i hate.....(wait 'hate' is such a strong word)hmm.... dislike it, well at least quite a few of the recent songs. A friend of mine showed me a letter from a really really devoted fan to his favourite kpop group. ( ) Yeah, i don't think its any fake, like why would anyone fake death to get these girl's attention rather than asking them to send something . Anywho, its really like sad to even for a guy to read this(dont judge me). Hmmmm.... i would say he is like such a loving fan i even feel touched. Any hearing anyone dying is definitely not a good thing and i always feel this disgust seeing(in this case hearing) life disappearing and gone like forever and yeah i feel actually kinda sorry and stuff and I'll feel that for weeks until i become 'normal' again.

My itouch...... F apple, F me. I dropped my itouch(yeah clumsy me) and somehow the screen comes out with a crack. Well its still usable but just the sight of it disgust me and everyday seeing that prompts me to go get it fixed, and so i did. It wasnt the cheapest repair i ever encounted especially if i only broke the screen and smart apple comes to tell me that they dont repair only the screen. Meaning, i have to change all, well almost all, the components and pay quite a large sum of money at least for me. it wasn't cheap and i aint smiling about it. Better not let me sibilings know this or else the'll start commenting about it.

Thirdly and lastly, i have to talk about facebook stalkers and..... some other type of people that has a name that is too harsh to say. Well, do you ever go onto facebook see a status, comment on it and click onto the person's profile and start going into the photos section and start liking/commenting on them? well if u do it once or twice, you're off the hook, more than that you just disgust me, and especially if u do it to me. i hate you! How would you like it if one day i meet you and like 'HI! hey you look better in those spects you wore on your trip to seoul or the skinnys you wore to the states! yeah and you better reply my comment! ' I don't like it so don't do it to me PLEASEEEE JUST NOT ME!

Procrastination kills , stop the maddness please

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mushroom Fany!!! =)


i've been hanging out with my 3A friends lately and well played games that they play like Team Fortress 2, Maple(yes i know) and minecraft.
Minecraft is actually not a bad game! you may think like ' oh what graphics, LAME' and the objective of the game is to survive nights where monsters come out and hunt you, its seriously scary and you can built stuffs like really a lot of them, but thats not how we play, well we actually just built 'bases' and really nice one though.......thats about it, though i cant convince you that its actually fun until you played enough.....

hmmm well now maple, yes i know... kids game, game about cash , waste of people's time and stuff. I've been to the point where complaining and swearing badly about maple and i'm back to square one, playing it again. Its different now i assure you, i have my friends on skpye to accompany me while playing and their all way ahead so the competition for myself to reach even higher levels really helps alot. The big bang patch has caused me numerous troubles ranging from DC-ing to wasting my time at midnight trying to upgrade a dumb ring that i could've done over the hoildays, and even having sever maintainences that last almost 2 days. But leveling is now darn easy that when i used to level to 50 in a few months , i can do it within a day maybe i became smarter who knows? And also new jobs that further degrade my lovely bandit, yes i like bandits , bandits for life!It takes quite a while to aujust to the new maps and the new jobs are really overpowered plus the fact that they spoonfeed you and gives you 2x exp to train. Bandits still rocks.

Now TF2(team fortress 2). I'm sure many of you hadn't heard of this game like ever, well same here, except i played for quite a while now. Its like 'free' except you can only play with bots if you have not bought any 'steam' games which then allows you to play online. But, if you have friends that bought the games already, they can add you as friends and you can join their games while their playing so its not that bad plus the fact that you cant cheat or hack in that game and pretty much everything its fair.

thats about it, well if you like my post FB it tweet it like it give it a thumbs up,
hell no i'm just kidding(really dont do it)
Ignore my previous posts, i think i was too childish and dumb, new start here!
i'll post pictures of me in minecraft and maple soon, cant do it for tf2 for some odd reasons

its first of August and well its TIFFANY'S BIRTHDAY!!!
I'm sure everyone wishes our mushroom fany to have a great birthday!!! =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


its been a while since i blogged.... okay its been a very long time....
Cheng just let me hear a cover of songs by a special someone and i really couldn't get pass the first quarter of the song.... i'm not a huge burno mars fan but i think its a total insult to the song, i believe everyone's listening to it and oh goshh i assure you you wouldn't wanna even hear it. He had a so called 'Album' called _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or something and i dont find anything magical about it. seriously i nvr once said i can sing so don't freaking counter me with that. Oh my gosh, i really finally found someone who is worst than justin bieber, at least he looks good on his ablum. stop the madness and start studying, i assure you it will get you further than that ablum. i don't know how the auto tune device works but imma get one for him at least make him look good and if he doesn't have a photoshop thingy, i'll be kind enough to get him one too. if he does kpop imma kill him

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I treat my panadols as 'yao tou wan'

OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! history is fucking dry! take a look at my notes that i copied from the slides the female teacher asked us to copy from and my Textbook....... you can see that either she added 1/2 words or canceled out 1/2 words, well maybe more than that but u get the point.CRAP!

Sucky song ruin my day, even suckier songs(with lyrics that doesn't make sense) make me pissed.
duno what happen in class lehhhh ate the medicine then become a little dizzy & hallucinating a bit, but a least i felt better.

i can't believe my English is that bad, fuck it!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


OMG like freaking tiring ARGH! finally played in the main team and had some formations i didn't even know -_- it sucks but it feels good to finally win a match XD , although i was super happy about that 20-25 points loss to them cuz everyone played damn well, even stanley =)
Went to spc for a while and newcommer Jezlie decided to join us, OMG his like damn funny and irritating at the same time! he said that the soup i'm drinking looks like sheit mix with water -_-, then asked if i still wan, i said no we just suddenly spit into the bowl WTH.........
disgusted by Jezlie OMG HELP!

damn tiring~

Sunday, June 13, 2010


oh man...... i'm like super tired, i went for the morning training and then the played all the b boys matches! ahhhhh feel like collapsing straight away after this post =)
This monday's my camp and i'm super!.............AFRAID! help! the 'tau pok' season is back and they said they will aim me =( OMG at least let me get ready like the posture of how imma lie down and clear away my phone and wallet in case something happened to those babies! I love seeing people getting scolded, it gives me great pleasure to see them getting mad or crying because people use their mouth to hurt them AHHAHAHAHA! Good luck! make sure u don't get any scoldings in front of me or else i'm surely gonna laugh like sheit behind your backs!

My kneee hurts!!!!

Siang happy birthday

Thomas get over ur loss of phone

Aloy faster come back, very sian without u

others study hard

Peishan black- LOL

Hong Da - Hahahaha I Laughing Ah Right Yeah?